12 Things We Learned From NFL Week 4

  1. The Lions are so bad that the Titans were better on their bye week
  2. The Saints finally found the end zone
  3. The 49ers forgot where the end zone is
  4. So did the Buccaneers
  5. The Browns can’t win with any QB
  6. Looks like having DeMarco Murray on your team doesn’t guarantee you wins
  7. The Rams are again the giant slayers this season
  8. If you listen to the media, Aaron Rodgers is the best player in the history of the world to play the game of football forever and forever
  9. The $100 million defensive savior in Miami has shown that if you give a mouse some money he’ll…go to sleep
  10. Rex Ryan is still an idiot
  11. Roger Goodell’s nickname “Roger the dodger” is the greatest thing ever
  12. The replacement refs snuck in to officiate the Seahawks and Lions game

Questions? Comments? Tweet me @PatsFanGirl12, I welcome all conversations in 140 characters or less

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