UW Upsets USC & Makes My Week

I just want to say right off that if the Huskies could only win 2 games a season and I had to choose, I’d pick that those wins be against USC and WSU.

Which is why I did my happy dance on Thursday night when the Huskies pulled off an upset and beat USC 17-12. It was glorious! What made it sweeter was that the Huskies were able to also beat their former coach, Steve Sarkisian. Who, if I could remind you all (like you need it), left UW like his pants were on fire. Which they were because he’s a liar! Anyway, this game made it glaringly obvious that Sark leaving was one of the best things to ever happen to the UW football program. Not only did they get rid of someone who saw Seattle as his backup plan, but it also allowed them to get one of the best college coaches ever.

UW’s defense was great in this game (aside from Victor’s ejection for targeting) which is something they’re going to need when they play an Oregon team who have many things to prove. What’s so awesome about this defensive performance is that they held the top-ranked offense in the PAC-12 to just 12 points. Thank you Kwiatkowski!

It’s the offense that needs some work. They aren’t converting when they need to and true freshman QB Jake Browning overthrew his open receivers way too much. In true Chris Petersen fashion though, UW took an 11-point lead in the 3rd quarter with a trick play. I love it when he does that! Chris Petersen definitely keeps things interesting for the fans.

If the Huskies can get the offensive bugs worked out, UW fans are going to be treated to a spectacular display of football when they start winning pretty regularly.

I’m betting film study isn’t going to be too fun for Jake Browning this week, but as we know Chris Petersen is a master at adjustments and I bet he has Jake in the right place mentally and physically to lead the Huskies to a win against Oregon next Saturday at home.

Look for my next article on a preview of the Oregon game and what exactly UW has to do to come away with a win.

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