20 Things We Learned From NFL Week 5

  1. It’s a mystery how the Broncos are 5-0
  2. It’s not a mystery how the Lions are 0-5
  3. The Patriots’ offensive line needs a refresher on what exactly their job is
  4. So does the entire Chiefs team
  5. The Colts finally have a winning record this season
  6. So do the Bills
  7. The Ravens do not though
  8. Or the Browns
  9. The Titans too
  10. Geez there are a lot of teams with losing records this season. Let’s call it Loseapalooza
  11. The Bengals look good, well until they get into the playoffs that is
  12. Surprise surprise Aaron Rodgers isn’t perfect
  13. Maybe the Rams aren’t the giant slayers this season after all
  14. The Lions can’t slay anything this year, maybe if the win was disguised as a donut Stafford could find it
  15. The Seahawks need a lesson on how to keep a lead in the 4th quarter
  16. DeMarco Murray can find the end zone, thought maybe he needed GPS to get there
  17. It’s a good thing the Redskins kept Cousins who has more INTs than TDs this year, not only could RGIII do a better job but so could a gerbil
  18. A gerbil could also coach the Jaguars better
  19. Probably the Cowboys too
  20. Charles Woodson showed the world that you’re never too old to pick off Peyton Manning…twice

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