A Gotta Win Situation Between the Hedges: Georgia vs. Missouri

Homecoming week has come again.

The Georgia Bulldogs have faced their share of disappointing losses at the hands of Alabama and Tennessee. The Dawgs now sit at 4-2 and 2-2 in the SEC. The high hopes for Georgia would be to complete the season 10-2 — We’ll see how that goes.

The SEC match up between the Missouri Tigers and the Georgia Bulldogs will be a battle of the rebuilding. Georgia has suffered the loss of incredibly talented sophomore, Nick Chubb, to a PCL tear. Chubb will undergo surgery in a few weeks and miss the remainder of the season. In addition to Chubb, the Dawgs will be without Jordan Jenkins and John Atkins for Saturdays’ meeting between the hedges.

With a few big names on the sidelines this weekend, it will leave an opportunity for Georgia to prove it’s depth. The leadership will have to rise from within and lead the team past the last few weeks. The “statement game” that was suppose to be Alabama turned into a bloodbath, leaving the Dawgs embarrassed in Athens. The following weekend on the road exposed even more weaknesses as Georgia failed to finish the drill, dropping two back-to-back SEC games.

So, with two major blows to their record, what do the Dawgs need to do to overcome the injuries and losses?

Convert on Third Downs

This has been a huge short coming for the Dawgs in the past. If Georgia wants to get back on the winning side of the football, the offense will need to convert and move the chains. Greyson Lambert’s performance has been shaky the past few weeks. Nothing will test a play caller like a Bama defense and the noise in Neyland, but a QB must overcome and move the ball. Georgia will be down their strongest running back and a new one will need to emerge to help move those chains.

Passing Game Has to Improve

The idea is simple; however the execution has been faulty. The Dawgs will need to be able to connect in the air and run effective routes. The run game is still there, but a successful team has to be able to switch up the play calling when the run game is being stuffed. Lambert will need to connect with his men down field. The more targets Lambert has,  the better the outcome will be. The tight ends will be a good place to start when looking for addition target to hit in the open field.

Georgia will take on a damaged Missouri team in Athens and will be looking to prove that they are better then past weeks. Here’s to hoping they do.

Happy Homecoming and Go Dawgs!


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