22 Things We Learned From the NFL Week 6

  1. The Broncos are the worst undefeated team ever
  2. Panthers too
  3. After starting out strong the Cardinals are spiraling, I bet Obama is somehow at fault here
  4. The Bears are worse than we thought
  5. So are the Ravens
  6. Titans too
  7. Brady and the Patriots are demonstrating why it wasn’t a good idea to defame them for months and months
  8. With 10 interceptions Peyton is the new Eli
  9. Eli is still Eli
  10. Vick may in fact be made of glass
  11. Suh has infected the Dolphins defense with his questionable morals and tackling practices
  12. I don’t think the Seahawks defensive coordinator understands his job. Here’s a hint: you’re supposed to stop the other team from scoring
  13. Johnny Manziel is completely incapable of staying out of trouble and making good decisions. He should hire someone to make his decisions for him!
  14. The Jets are quietly showing the NFL that the Pats aren’t the only team in the AFC East that can play good football
  15. If stats won you the Super Bowl, Philip Rivers would be the champion. They don’t though so start winning the regular way
  16. Farcus, I mean Dalton, should bottle and save some of this winning for the playoffs when he suddenly forgets how to football
  17. Divisional games are hard and neither teams’ records matter. See previously undefeated Falcons and the mediocre Saints game
  18. The Colts’ fake punt was like watching an SNL skit unfold on Sunday Night Football
  19. It’s still really awesome that the Redskins have Cousins as their QB. I mean with 196 passing yards, 1 TD, and 2 INT against the Jets I can see how he would inspire you to one day work at McDonalds
  20. Roger Goodell still sucks
  21. So does Jason Garrett
  22. Let’s add Kubiak to that list. He has one of the best QBs to ever play the game at his disposal and his offense looks disorganized and uncomfortable. Maybe Kubiak is a pod person and its really Rex Ryan under there

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