18 Funny Things We Learned From NFL Week 7

  1. Ryan Mallett can’t tell time, how does one miss the team plane?
  2. Matt Cassel can’t tell which guys he’s supposed to be throwing to (hint: it’s the ones with the star on their helmet)
  3. The 49ers can’t tell you where the end zone is
  4. The Dolphins are playing a game called Who Can Be The Most Inconsistent
  5. Kirk Cousins is playing that game too
  6. The Lions aren’t playing any game at all
  7. The AFC South is so bad this year that the division leader has a 3-4 record
  8. With the Broncos on a bye, we were spared being sad while watching Shadow Manning and Kubiak’s idiotic offensive scheme
  9. The Chiefs can win a game
  10. Bill Cowher educated us all that “You run with your feet”, glad he cleared that up
  11. Running out of timeouts by the end of the 1st quarter is not the smartest thing Sean Payton could have done
  12. Rex Ryan is still the worst coach ever
  13. Arian Foster has the worst luck this year
  14. No wait, actually the Colts have the worst Luck this year
  15. Sam Bradford is a huge waste of money
  16. The Bills are a stupid penalty machine
  17. Cam Newton is a ball hog with ego issues
  18. Joe Flacco is being paid a lot of money to throw game losing interceptions


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