All Talk and No Action

How does a player who has less tackles than Brady has Super Bowl appearances justify trash talking before a big divisional game? I love trash talk as much as the next person, ok that’s a lie. I hate trash talk. I like to joke around, but I prefer to let actions say what words can’t.

That’s the thing about words. They can be yelled, uttered, whispered, or whatever you feel like doing with them but that doesn’t make them true. What makes those words true is your actions.

Miami Dolphins linebacker Chris McCain doesn’t have the actions to back up his recent words. He sacked Brady once in his career(his only sack I might add) and blocked a punt last year in the Dolphins’ win against the Pats in week 1. Yet he feels it’s necessary to trash talk before tonight’s game.

Has he not watched Rex Ryan’s example of what happens when you trash talk the week before the game? Ryan is 1-8 in his last 9 matchups with the Pats. Before every single game though he has felt it was necessary to open his big fat mouth.

Chris McCain has played two seasons in the NFL. He’s a baby in this league, yet he feels the need to challenge a player who has redefined the QB position. Here’s another thing: he’s not even on the Dolphins’ active list!!  How do you expect to #CrushBrady if you’re not in the game?

Just a little tip for McCain: if you have less tackles than the starting QB, you should probably keep your mouth shut.

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