More Than A Win in the Balance: Georgia vs. Florida

The week has arrived – it’s Georgia-Florida week. The World’s Largest Cocktail party or Hate Week. No matter what you call it, this week is held by many Georgia fans as the most important game of the season. The bragging rights alone for each fan base are huge. The bragging rights for the Dawgs, however, have been on the decline.

In the past few meetings on the gridiron Georgia has faced humiliating defeat at the hands of Alabama, as well as a heartbreaking loss to Tennessee that included the loss of their star running back Nick Chubb, and a lack luster shoot out with Missouri where neither team found the end zone.

Georgia is in need of a huge statement in order to take back their pride in the 2015 season. The Florida Gators will be joining the Dawgs in Jacksonville with their own issues. Florida in recent weeks has lost their starting QB Will Grier due to a performance enhancing substance and the NCAA has banned him for one year. Treon Harris replaced Grier as the play caller and will lead the Gators against the Dawgs on Saturday.

Georgia  (5-2) will be entering the competition with a bye week and a win under their belt, while the Gators (6-1) are coming off their first loss to LSU, they’re also coming off of a bye week where you can bet they readdressed some issues.

The battle for the SEC East is on the line for this face off. If Georgia can produce a solid offensive performance, which includes Lambert being at the top of his game, Georgia has a good chance to leave Jacksonville with a win.

Georgia will need a serious revamp from previous performances. Last year should serve as a poignant reminder that being game ready is crucial when going against an unpredictable rival like the Gators.

It will be a classic battle down in Jacksonville between the Dawgs and the Gators and a win in Jacksonville against a rival would certainly make the trip home to Athens a lot easier.

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