16 Funny Things We Learned From NFL Week 8

  1. The Colts are about to find out what karma really is
  2. The Lions are so bad they made the Chiefs look good
  3. The 49ers still don’t know where their end zone is
  4. The Giants and Saints don’t know what a passing defense is
  5. The new winning strategy this year is to fire your head coach midseason, the Titans should have asked the Dolphins how it’s working out for them
  6. The Bucs beat the Falcons in OT and Winston threw 1 TD pass, so automatically he’s league MVP
  7. The Bears lost the one good thing they had going for them and now have to rely on that money pit they call a QB
  8. There seriously needs to be an investigation as to whether the replacement refs are back
  9. Civil War Fitzpatrick isn’t the answer for the Jets, but neither is Geno “Mr. Glass” Smith
  10. Dez Bryant is a big fat baby
  11. Andy Dalton was mixed up on which players he was supposed to get the ball to
  12. So was Roethlisberger
  13. And Andrew Luck
  14. Tony Romo is a terrible coach
  15. The Broncos exposed the Packers’ weaknesses
  16. Reggie Bush knows how to injure himself in the most unspectacular way

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