22 Things We Learned From NFL Week 9

  1. Aqib Talib is a dirty street fighter
  2. Peyton Manning has interceptionitis
  3. Eli Manning has it too
  4. Aaron Rodgers has a touch of could-of-won-but-threw-an-interception-instead, Brett Favre had that too
  5. The 49ers finally found their end zone and Kaepernick wasn’t the one to find it
  6. If Jay Cutler can become the Bears’ all time TD pass leader, then the Lions should make it to the Super Bowl this year
  7. Cam Newton is still a ball hog egomaniac who likes to steal banners
  8. Somebody put a curse on the Colts this year
  9. The Steelers too
  10. Rex Ryan is an idiot
  11. Jerry Jones too
  12. Johnny Manziel isn’t ready to be an adult with a job
  13. Having Dez Bryant back doesn’t make a difference for the Cowboys
  14. The Dolphins are realizing that Joe Philbin wasn’t the problem
  15. The Redskins are realizing that Gruden is the problem
  16. The Falcons have loseritis
  17. The Jaguars are afflicted with all-we-have-is-a-good-QB-so-we-can’t-win-games
  18. BountyGate Williams needs to educate his players on the proper etiquette when a QB enters a slide
  19. Maybe crabs are to blame for why Winston can’t win in Tampa Bay
  20. Mariota showed everyone in OT why we won the Heisman
  21. Losing back to back games causes fighting on the sidelines, just ask the Packers
  22. With their bye week, we were spared watching the Lions try (and fail) to play football

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