15 Funny Things We Learned From NFL Week 10

  1. Jameis Winston has butter fingers, maybe he was eating crab legs before the game.
  2. It is possible to break the NFL record for career passing yards and get benched in the same game.
  3. Kirk Cousins does know how to throw a TD pass.
  4. Jay Cutler does know how to get through a game without throwing an INT.
  5. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t know how to be clutch.
  6. Mark Sanchez showed the whole world exactly why he’s a backup QB.
  7. Sam Bradford showed the whole world exactly why everybody calls him Mr. Glass.
  8. The Patriots almost showed the whole world that they’re incapable of beating the Giants.
  9. The Browns think the way to win games is to declare Manziel their starter for the rest of the year, because that’s worked so well the last 4 games.
  10. The Ravens proved just why it was so stupid to sink all of their money into a QB who has proved to be mediocre at best.
  11. The Jets proved why they haven’t won their division since 2002.
  12. It looks like the Legion of Boom is now the Legion of Losers, maybe they need a 13th man.
  13. Playoff Andy Dalton made an early appearance in MNF, just in time to lose to the Texans.
  14. The Steelers are playing QB musical chairs.
  15. The Lions do know how to play football.

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