16 Things Patriots Fans Hear ALL THE TIME

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Patriots fans have gotten used to the vitriol that is spewed at us pretty much on a daily basis. There are FB pages and tons of memes dedicated to just how much people hate the Patriots. We get it ok? We seriously get how much you hate Brady, Belichick, and anybody that dons that beautiful red, white, and blue. The following are things all Patriots fans have heard at least once:

  1. CHEATERS! (enough said, we’ve all heard that 10 billion times)
  2. People don’t say Belichick, they say “Belicheat” (cause that’s original)
  3. They root for your team to lose. Like even if the Patriots were literally playing Satan and his horde of evil minions, they would root for Satan to win.
  4. I hate Brady, he’s a whiner
  5. The Patriots haven’t won a Super Bowl since Spy Gate (ha! now they can’t say that)
  6. If you guys played the Giants again in a Super Bowl, I bet you’d lose (cue face punch)
  7. We have more Super Bowls than you (Steelers fans)
  8. Joe Montana never lost a Super Bowl (49er fans) Side note: so it’s better to lose before you get there than to actually get there? Oh ya great logic.
  9. Peyton is better
  10. If it weren’t for the tuck rule, nobody would even know who Brady is (let’s pretend that’s real)
  11. Why’d he destroy his cell phone then?!! (you’re so right, let’s hang the guilty jerk)
  12. Brady is too pretty
  13. We have heard every joke and insult imagined that is associated with Aaron Hernandez and guns
  14. You’re a bandwagoner (cue shin kick)
  15. Cheatriots!
  16. Deflatriots!


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