Being Undefeated and a Costly Win at the Meadowlands

Let me just start this article, since I haven’t written a Patriots one in awhile, that I pretty much hate being undefeated. It feels like there’s this black cloud following the team.

Being undefeated isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Everybody is gunning for you not that that is anything new to the Patriots, but it takes on a different tone when you haven’t lost yet. Every Patriots fan will remember our undefeated 2007 season. It was wonderful and glorious, until it wasn’t anymore. The team went 16-0 and then lost the Super Bowl by 3 freaking points. Last year though was tumultuous. The team started the season 2-2 that included a blowout loss to the Chiefs on MNF. That season however, ended differently than the 2007 one. An ending that included Super Bowl Rings and the Lombardi Trophy going back to Gillette. I say all of that to reiterate my point that being undefeated isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

What lessens my nervousness though, is that I know the entire Patriots team isn’t focused on being perfect. They’re focused on playing their game to the best of their ability and getting better each week.

I’d trade our undefeated record for a loss against the Redskins if it meant Dion Lewis was healthy, I know the Pats are decently deep at running back, but Lewis was so useful. I’d most definitely take a loss to the Giants, whom I hate with the fire of a thousand suns, if it meant my beloved Edelman wouldn’t have had to undergo surgery for a broken foot!

So while we are undefeated and some want to celebrate it, I’d rather have healthy players with 2 losses.

The Pats play the Bills this week on MNF and while I just spent time telling you that I don’t like being undefeated, the Pats need to beat the Bills. They can’t lose to Rex Ryan because that idiot face will take so much pleasure in bragging about it forever.

The Pats playing on MNF means I actually get to watch the game in its entirety this week. Go Patriots!

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