16 Things We Learned from NFL Week 12

  1. Patriots players are dropping like an E. coli outbreak at Jack in the Box.
  2. All it takes to be considered a hero and a replacement of a hall of fame QB in the NFL is to win 2 games.
  3. Tony Romo is indeed made of the most fragile material on Earth.
  4. It’s a good thing the Eagles paid Bradford and Murray all that money so they could be 4-7.
  5. Playoff Andy Dalton took a backseat this week so they could actually win the game.
  6. The Panthers are the greatest team to ever play football and Cam Newton is Superman, Iron Man, and Batman all rolled into one.
  7. The Packers are spiraling and nobody can figure out why.
  8. Rex Ryan is a blame caster and he should look in the mirror before pointing any more fingers.
  9. The Dolphins would be better off letting T.D. the Dolphin coach the team.
  10. The Lions have won 3 in a row and I’m waiting for pigs to fly.
  11. Sure looked like Ken Whisenhunt was the problem in Tennessee, maybe T-Rac the raccoon should take over coaching duties.
  12. A 40-year-old backup QB is 4-0 while San Diego’s $15 million QB is 3-8.
  13. Spectacular one-handed sliding catches don’t mean a thing if your QB throws 3 INTs and you lose the game.
  14. The Falcons are imploding in on themselves and I blame Obama.
  15. Johnny Manziel has a case of the self-sabotages, it doesn’t matter though because the league loves him and will most likely slap him on the wrist. Good thing Goodell still has a job!
  16. The Seahawks have lost a bit of their mojo; maybe Pete Carroll can smack his gum some more and find it.

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