Alamo Bowl Becomes Battle of Back Ups

This year’s Alamo Bowl was expected to be one of the most exciting bowl games of the season.

It didn’t disappoint, unless of course you live in Oregon.

The game started out well for the Ducks as they dominated the first half of the game, shutting out TCU 31-0. That first half shut-out would prove costly however, as Oregon’s starting quarterback, Vernon Adams, and it’s starting center, Matt Hegarty, both left the game with injuries. With TCU already playing without its starting QB, the second half became a battle of backups- not at all what Oregon wanted to see. And for good reason.

With Vernon Adams and center, Matt Hegarty, out, center, Doug Brenner and quarterback, Jeff Lockie, unsuccessfully took over the reigns as the Ducks went scoreless in the second half.

Defensively, things also fell apart and TCU, led by back up quarterback Bram Kohlhausen and managed to step on the gas and scored 31 unanswered points sending the game into overtime.

After both teams traded TD’s in the first overtime and then field goals in the second, the match up finally ended with the Ducks failing to match a TCU touchdown, sealing the victory for TCU, 47-41.

In the end, Oregon will leave San Antonio with a very costly loss- particularly for Vernon Adams Jr. who undoubtedly needed a solid four quarters to showcase his live-game talent a final time before the upcoming NFL Draft. It will also leave San Antonio with many, many questions to be answered in the coming months.

Hey! at least we’ll have a lot to talk about right?






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