Patriots Revenge Tour Ends in Heartbreak at Mile High Stadium

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For Patriots fans, this season was about more than just football. I suspect it was for the team too, but if you asked them they’d deny it. They give standard answers to questions. Most of the time they sound like politicians, all in an effort to keep information close to the vest and to keep people from getting too close. It’s how Belichick prefers it. It’s obviously worked well for them, though it infuriates the media and non-Patriots fans. Patriots’ fans, however, trust Belichick and could care less about the inane and superficial story lines the media decides to invent to try to stir up trouble.

Each win this season was a four letter word to Goodell, the entire league, every person that repeated bad information or decided to quote the ridiculous Wells report, and anybody else that called Brady names, questioned his character, or cried on the air because of the ridiculous saga (I’m looking at you Brunell). This season was about telling the world that while you may do everything you can to keep the Patriots down, they won’t give up.

If you don’t like the Patriots then that’s your prerogative, but don’t pretend it’s for any other reason than because they win…a lot. So you think Brady is a whiner, please enlighten me as to how that’s the case. You think the Patriots are cheaters? Please show me the evidence for this supposed cheating (other than Spy Gate).

Which brings me back to the revenge tour. It would have been nice if the revenge tour hadn’t have been punctuated by injury after injury. It would have been nice if the offensive line had been healthy and functioning at a level that included actually protecting Brady. The AFC Championship in Denver exposed a lot of the cracks that had been building all year.

I give huge credit to the Denver defense at capitalizing on the weakness of the offensive line and doing something defenders rarely do – rattling Brady. He is known for his ability to quickly release the football. He’s also known for his pocket presence and the ability to stay calm under intense pressure. It’s what makes Tom Brady one of the best clutch QBs in the NFL. I challenge anybody to remain composed hit after hit. Brady was hit about 25 times in the AFC Championship. It’s kinda hard for a QB to complete passes when he’s hurried every down or on his back.

While the Patriots won’t be making a return trip to the Super Bowl this year, they have a lot to be proud of. I for one am proud to call myself a Patriots fan and even though others are busy sharing meme after meme of Brady and the Pats losing and posting long diatribes about their hatred for the franchise, Patriots fans shrug it off because we know, most likely, the team will make a record 6th AFC Championship appearance in a row next season. How many other fans can have confidence like that? My guess, not too many.

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