Oregon TE Pharaoh Brown: ‘By game time, I’ll be out there, ready’

Day two of Oregon Football Spring Camp brought out a very welcomed sight.

Oregon TE, Pharaoh Brown, addressed the media today after making what could easily be described as a miraculous comeback following a massive knee injury in the Fall of 2014. Football players are injured all of the time, but Brown’s injury, which he pointed out today was nationally televised, is not one most Ducks fans have forgotten about. Many people, including those close to Brown, were initially concerned he wouldn’t even walk again, let alone return to the gridiron.

Brown defied the odds.

Yesterday, Oregon coaches told the media that Brown was fully expected to play during the 2016-2017 season. Today, Brown confirmed that expectation.

“We don’t have a game until September. . but by  game time. I’ll be out there, ready.”

Inspired by other athletes like NBA player, Shaun Livingston, who have battled back from tough injuries, Brown has been working diligently with athletic/medical training staff over the past year and a half and says he now feels good.

“I’ve made a lot of progress,” he Stated. “It feels good. . .It’s been a long journey coming back. I’m ready to be back on my team, doing what I love.”

It was being with team that seems to have been what Brown longed for most during his time away. He was asked about the biggest thing he missed during his recovery to which he quickly responded, “Away games.” He went on to talk about the difficulty of having to stay back in Eugene without his teammates, watching the games on TV.

This will be Brown’s fifth year with the program and he feels completely confident about jumping back on the field.

“I’m a veteran now so the assignments [are] second nature,” he said.

At this point in his game however, he does focus on technique and speed, something  fans are undoubtedly looking forward to seeing once again.

If there is any silver lining that can be found in Brown’s journey back to the field, it is that Oregon’s other top tight ends, Johnny Mundt and Evan Baylis, were able to snag a ton of experience, making this year’s TE group one of the top in the country.

It’s been a long ride back, but it is safe to say, Ducks fans are thrilled to have witnessed Brown’s remarkable journey. When asked if he had a message to fans who have supported him, Brown simply said,

“Just thank you for the support,” Brown said with a smile.

“Ya’ll are appreciated. I read all the fan mail I got. I’m just thankful to have the support of everyone and I look forward to seeing you all the Spring Game.”

The feeling is mutual, Pharoah. It’s great to have you back.

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