Open Letter to Johnny Manziel

Dear Johnny,

I want to start this letter off by saying I’m not your biggest fan. I have doubted your maturity and have repeatedly said that if I were running a football team, you’d be one of the last football players I’d sign. I’ve criticized your ability to keep your personal and professional lives separate while lamenting the fact that the media couldn’t shut up about you. I know this a harsh start to this letter, but bear with me.

Never have I been so disappointed to be proven right. You don’t have the maturity to play in the NFL, you can’t keep your personal and professional lives separate, and you have a serious problem making good decisions. I say this as an objective third party: you need serious help.

You have no job or endorsements. The money has dried up along with the novelty of your act. It was funny in college, but it’s a different game in the pros. All those people you surround yourself with? They don’t care. They don’t care that multiple high profile sports agents have dropped you, they don’t care about your conditioning, they don’t care about your need to memorize the play book, or your need to build rapport with your team and earn respect back in the NFL. They flat out don’t care about Johnny Manziel. They care about the parties your paying for and what kinds of benefits being around you can afford them.

It’s time to stop drinking and partying and time to start surrounding yourself with people who do care. People who care about Johnny Manziel and what’s best for him. You have talent and if you could get your head out of your ahem ahem, you could show the world that you aren’t a joke. Don’t become another NFL cliche that ends up on an NFL Network or ESPN documentary talking about how you were lost too soon or how you wasted your talent and money and now you’re broke and are working for a grocery store stocking dog food. Don’t be that guy. It’s not too late, Johnny.


Not a Fan But Someone Who Kind Of Cares

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  1. Good read Erica. It’s exactly how I feel about him too. Not the biggest fan, but hate to see a guy do this to himself.

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