Oregon TE Pharaoh Brown: ‘We all seek to be loved’

With Oregon Football’s Spring Game quickly approaching this Saturday, there will be plenty of story-lines to watch for leading up to and following the Ducks’ scrimmage.

Between seeing two new quarterbacks battle it out to a much improved Offensive line to watching last year’s backup quarterbacks, Taylor Alie and Jeff Lockie showing off their receiving skills, there will be a ton to talk about.

One story-line however may just have all of them beat, at least in the heart-touching category anyway.

As most Duck fans now know, TE Pharaoh Brown, is set to suit up and take the field for the first time since a devastating knee injury in the fall of 2014- an injury so severe, he nearly lost his leg and many believed he wouldn’t walk again.

Brown proved otherwise.

Today, Brown opened up about those first days and the long journey that followed. When asked if there was ever a moment he thought about quitting or just accepting he may never play football again, he said “There was never a moment of giving up.” He went on to say that when he woke up from surgery the day after the injury, he received a call from his cousin, a woman he described as having strong faith, that encouraged him. “You are going to be alright,” she said. “ You’re going to play again.”

“ I trusted my cousins and her faith,” Brown said.

Though the journey has been long, Brown credits family, many of whom will be in attendance on Saturday, and all the love he’s received from his supporters.

“We all seek to be loved,” Brown told reporters. “With everyone reaching out to me and talking, it just kind of pushed me though.”

So as Brown looks to storm through Autzen’s tunnel on Saturday, he will have accomplished his first big goal- to play in the 2016 Spring Game. “It’s a big step and a small step, he said. “It’s still a journey.”

Though he admits there are some jitters, overall Brown says he’s “Stoked!”

“I’m just happy. . .not taking anything for granted. When you get stuff taken away from you it makes you take everything in.”

Should everything go as planned, Brown may just receive one heck of a welcome back to Autzen.

We are definitely ready, Pharaoh!

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