6 Things to do During the Football Off Season

DIY Footballl Banner by saltycanary.com

The wait is finally over, football fans. Sure,  it’s still July but the season is just weeks away. If you find yourself chomping at the bit for your favorite team to hit the field, here are just a few things to keep you busy. . .

  1. Stock up on your game day fashion

Everyone needs a little splash of game day gear in their favorite team’s colors. The off-season is the perfect time to stock up and save some money- money that may just come in handy  for #3 and #6 below.  Some of our gridirongirl favorite go-to’s are Slater Zorn and College Hautees!

    diy football turf banner2. Decorate your tailgating gear

Let’s face it, once the season begins, the last thing you will want to do is decorate. Why not get things together now? Make some easy decorative banners, paint a plastic garbage can, or  decorate your plastic cups! The possibilities are endless.

    3. Start planning for away games

Not everyone likes to make it to away games, but if you ever want to get out of your comfort zone, finding your way to an opposing team’s stadium can be a lot of fun! Being the recipient of all the trash talk can be pretty amusing and on a positive note, it’s actually kind of fun to watch another team’s home game traditions on display.

   4. Study your team’s roster

Although some of the players’ positions and numbers might change, it is always good to bone up on who individual players are. Not only does it make watching the game more interesting when you know a little bit of the players’ story, but you’ll get instant stadium-cred when you can instantly tell those around you who a player is by the number on their jersey.

   5. Make a Tailgating Menu

Whether you are a regular tailgate host or inviting friends over to watch the game en la casa, you’ll save yourself a little bit of a headache by planning your season-long weekly menu in advance. Stay tuned over the next week and we may just have one for you 🙂

    6. Natty 50 yard lineStart saving for the championship game! 

Sure, your team may not make it to a big bowl or championship game but if they do, you’ll have a very limited time to pull together the cash to go- sometimes as little as 2 weeks. The sacrifice will be a win, win. If your team makes it, you’ll be able to go. If they don’t, you’ll have an instant vacation fund!







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