5 College Football Rule Changes Every Fan Should Know

  1. A sliding ball carrier can’t be contacted in the head or neck once he enters his slide, he’s considered defenseless at that time.  This contact includes the helmet, shoulder, elbow or forearm. Like the this rule in the NFL, the ball is spotted where the carrier began his slide. 
  2. Instant replay has been expanded this season. The purpose is to be able to “get involved in the calling of a targeting foul”. So if the refs miss it on field “replay will stop the gsme, targeting will be called and administered under normal procedure”
  3. Low hits on the passer. Old rule: any contact at knees or below was a foul for roughing the passer. New rule: roughing the passer will only be called if that contact is made with a helmet or shoulder at knees or below. 
  4. Tripping the ball carrier used to be allowed and now it is not. 
  5. Coaches can now be ejected like a player can, if he receives two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. 

There you have it football fans! Tell us what you think about the rule changes on Facebook or Twitter

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