Why Everyone Should Be Rooting For Tom Brady

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Disclaimer: All  of the following are the opinions of an angry Patriots fan and do not necessarily reflect the  opinions of gridirongirl

Rooting for Brady is a foreign concept, even a nauseating one for most. Behind Belichick he’s the leader of the Evil Empire. He’s the QB that has made a mockery of defenses since 2001. He’s the bad guy of the NFL. Rooting for Tom Brady in the midst of this Deflategate crap ordeal is in the best interest for all football fans and I’ll tell you why.

Brady’s suspension being upheld, besides being totally bogus (so not the word I wanted to use), signals that Goodell does and should have the authority to discipline players as HE sees fit for whatever HE deems an infraction. Goodell has effectively become a dictator. He moved into power with stealth and deceit and no one was the wiser as to his true character and intent. We couldn’t guess that Goodell, an economics major (how does that qualify him to be commissioner again?), is actually an egomaniac on a power trip. Goodell moves blindly about wielding his commissioner sword to cut down those he believes (or doesn’t believe) have committed offenses. The punishment for these offenses varies greatly depending on what I imagine a Magic 8 Ball tells him. That’s the only explanation for the ridiculous way punishments have been handled since Goodell came into power got the commissioner job in 2006. Brady’s 4 game suspension is the icing on a rancid, corrupt cake every owner and fan is voluntarily choking down.

Regardless of whether you hate the Patriots and/or Tom Brady, you can’t deny that nobody has been able to produce a shred of solid evidence that Brady did a thing. If Goodell can and has done this to Brady and other athletes in the NFL, it can happen to any other player on any other team. Goodell says his responsibility is protecting the integrity of the game, then he needs to resign because he’s the biggest disgrace to this game than anybody else.

So while you think you are being loyal to your team by joining Tom Brady’s lynch mob, you’re actually supporting Goodell and his right to do whatever he wants. You want Brady off the field so your team can win one of those 4 games he’s suspended or your team is in the AFC East and you want that division title for the first time in 7 years? Then go right ahead and join the mob.

I just have one last thing to say:

“If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best”

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