8 NFL Rule Changes You Should Know for the 2016 Season

  1. Any player flagged for 2 unsportsmanlike conduct fouls will be automatically ejected. Finally! Why has it taken this long to have this a rule?!
  2. A horse collar foul now includes the area at the nameplate and above, the nameplate being the players name on the back of their jersey. Before you know it, the horse collar is going to include the shoelace.
  3. Teams will be flagged for delay of game if they try to call a timeout when aren’t allowed. Oh snap, coaches better look at their rulebooks.
  4. The illegal touching penalty states (one definition anyway) that if a receiver voluntarily goes out of bounds he can’t be the first person to touch the ball once he comes back inbounds. The exception to this rule is that if a player is forced out of bounds he can be the first person to touch the ball as long he enters the field of play and reestablishes himself (putting both feet in bounds). The old penalty was a loss of 5 yards; it is now a loss of a down. Some people think this a bogus rule, but without this penalty what’s to stop someone from running out of bounds (where no other players are) to get down field more quickly? Not much to say here except don’t do it! 
  5. The line of scrimmage after a touchback has moved a whole 5 yards to the 25. This is to discourage kick returns. The justification for this is that kick offs are where a lot of player injuries occur. Hey NFL did you ever think that maybe the kickers are just going to kick the ball short of the end zone so players have to attempt a return? Why not just get rid of the kickoff altogether, we all know that’s your aim here. While you’re at it why don’t you pass flags out to everyone and make tackles illegal.
  6. No more chop blocks forever and ever. Ya ok lets see if you’ll actually call it.
  7. Extra point moved back to the 15-yard line and defensive players can now return any missed try. Finally!
  8. Eliminates multiple spots of enforcement for double fouls after change of possession. Oh good, it’s one less thing the refs have to screw up.

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