10 Things We Learned From Preseason Week 2

  1. Steelers backup QB Landry Jones may be confused as to which team he’s on. Hint: throwing 4 INT and no TD won’t help you make the final roster
  2. The Broncos offensive line needs a refresher course on what their job is. Hint: It’s not to allow 6 sacks
  3. The Giants forgot where the end zone was
  4. So did the Steelers
  5. And the Saints
  6. Cardinals too
  7. ALWAYS wear your helmet in pregame warmups or you might get hit with a punt and suffer a concussion
  8. Don’t use scissors to clean your cleats out before a game
  9. Just move your team to a new city and the media won’t ever stop talking about you. Ever.
  10. Local announcing crews are so so bad. Still not as bad as Gruden, Simms, Fouts, Theismann, Collinsworth, Aikman, Buck or Nantz though.

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