What Devon Allen’s Return to the Field Says about Oregon Football

After competing in the Rio Olympics, Oregon WR Devon Allen sets his eyes on another dream.

It’s been a whirlwind of a couple of months for Oregon receiver, Devon Allen. After earning a trip to compete in this Summer’s Rio Olympics, Allen ultimately made it to the 110 hurdles final, where he placed 5th overall.

Though he didn’t place as high as he had hoped, the experience certainly wasn’t lacking in highlights. Among them, meeting track stars he grew up watching, being on television (a lot) and exploring Rio with his friends and family.

With his Olympic dream realized, Allen was faced with a big decision.

Should he focus on track full-time, which would allow him to immediately start accepting endorsements? Or, Should he return to college football and set his sights on the NFL?

Fortunately for Ducks fans, Allen chose the latter.

After missing the first 2 1/2 weeks of fall camp, Allen has returned to the practice field with his teammates.

After recovering from a knee injury suffered in the 2015 Rose Bowl, Allen returned to the field last season but admits he “didn’t feel great”.

This season, Allen says he feels a lot better and is ready to play and contribute. So what will he need to do to be ready for game one?

Though he’s clearly in good shape, Allen says he is working on using “different muscles”, learning new lingo, and boning up on “blocking and things.” Working in his favor is the fact he’s a veteran and is familiar with the Oregon playbook. Yesterday Allen said he knows the plays pretty well and should be ready to go for game one- an impressive feat in and of itself.

At first glance, Allen’s return to football may be taken for granted by fans anxious to see him back on the field, but a closer look shows something pretty amazing.

By returning to college football, Allen likely turned away a good amount of guaranteed money from endorsements. Yes, he will be allowed to compete for track-related prize money over the next year, but that certainly won’t compare to what he has now deferred.

All for the love of football.

Yesterday, Allen was asked why he chose to return and turn down so much. Allen simply explained it was his coaches and teammates that drew him back.

“It doesn’t last forever,” Allen said about college football. “I want to play with those guys for as long as I can.”

Allen’s statement was pretty straight forward and perhaps expected, but it also speaks volumes about the state of Oregon Football. It at least implies that “brotherhood” that Marcus Mariota once talked so much about still remains.

While he enjoys the time he has left with his team, Allen says he will have his eyes set on yet another dream. . .to play in the NFL.

Fortunately for Allen, he is really, really good at fulfilling those dreams.





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