10 Funny Things We Learned in NFL Preseason Week 3

  1. If you took a nail, soaked it in water for 10 years, and then left it in the Sahara Desert – the result is what Tony Romo is made of.
  2. If you sit down for the National Anthem, people will burn your jersey.
  3. The Bears have been relegated to semi pro status.
  4. And they will play the Browns in the Too- Sucky- for-an-NFL Championship Game
  5. Mark Sanchez sucks as bad as we all thought he did.
  6. The Cardinals used up all of their winning quota last season.
  7. Sam Bradford has played 3 straight games without injury. We’re now waiting for pigs to fly.
  8. Matthew Stafford spent the off season playing Xbox and eating Twinkies.
  9. Kirk Cousins threw 3 TD passes. We’re now waiting for hell to freeze over.
  10. The San Diego Chargers should change their name to the San Diego Turnovers.

Questions? Comments? Tweet me @PatsFanGirl12, I welcome all conversations in 140 characters or less.

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