3 Reasons Why Preseason Matters

We’re now 3 weeks into NFL pre-season football and you may find yourself wondering if you’ve missed out on anything or if you’ve just wasted your valuable time trying to keep up.  Sure, its exciting to have football back in our lives but is the preseason really all that important? I think so and here are 3 reasons why you should too:

  1. Preseason is a chance for you to get a good look at your teams depth chart. It’s important to get familiar with the depth chart because if a starter goes down (which often happens) you’ll be familiar with who backs that position up and how they can benefit your team
  2. It means football is on. Do we need any more than this?
  3. One of my favorite reasons for watching preseason is learning! I know that made me sound like a huge nerd, but I’ll explain myself. Let’s say you don’t completely understand defensive coverages, preseason is a perfect time to watch games and study the defense to find out the hows, whats, and whys. You can study any part of the football team or any position to get a good grasp of it. Preseason is a good time because it doesn’t matter if they win or lose and it frees you up from throwing stuff at your TV or yelling so you can learn. Side note: Another good way to learn is to watch football games with teams you don’t care about because again, you aren’t yelling or throwing things and you can learn.

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