Game Day Fashion: Dear SEC Girls. . .

As a born and raised Oregonian, cheering on Saturdays at Nike University, I’ve got one question for all of you Southern Belle fans out there. . .How do you wear those DRESSES AND HEELS ON GAME DAY?

Confession: I have to pack band-Aids in my laptop bag because by the time I make it from my car to the press box, I’ve got blisters (I wear dressy flats). No, I’m not kidding.

Ya’ll dress like you’re going to church and I really don’t understand it. Dresses? Heels? Chunky necklaces? You see style, I see my thighs rubbing together, blisters on my feet and not being able to wear my Mariota jersey. Oh! And I also see tripping. lots of tripping.

I admire your strength and unwavering commitment to looking fabulous.

To all you SEC girls, I don’t get it, but I salute you!

In honor of all you beautiful belles, these style picks are for you. . .

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