16 Funny Things We Learned From NFL Week 1

Pro Talk
  1. It’s a good thing the Rams traded everything they own for the #1 pick and then can’t score a single point.
  2. Kurt Cousins sucks worse than a Dyson vacuum (See also, who cares what his first name is…).
  3. The Miami Dolphins have never watched a single second of game film on the Seahawks, if they had they would have known how to stop the final drive and win the game.
  4. It was so smart of the Bills to take the mediocre coaching leftovers from the Jets so they could lose some more.
  5. The Chargers need to learn how to hang onto a lead.
  6. The Super Bowl 50 rematch was a huge let down.
  7. The tight end is not allowed to block, if he does he’ll get a holding call.
  8. Carson Palmer learned the hard way what happens when you give the Patriots bulletin board material.
  9. Jack Del Rio is gutsy.
  10. There’s a Chip Kelly era in San Fran, which means nothing because he’s done nothing in the NFL.
  11. A fan ran on the field and apparently racked up more rushing yards than the Rams.
  12. Aaron Rodgers fell asleep in the pocket. There’s no other explanation for why he took 10 minutes to get rid of the ball each time.
  13. Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez should write a book called “Why We Suck at Quarterbacking.”
  14. Jay Cutler could have 10 chapters to himself.
  15. So could Tony Romo.
  16. The Jets sacked Andy Dalton 7 times and still couldn’t manage to win the game.

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