Drive for 5 Begins in the Desert

Everybody doubted that the Patriots could travel to Arizona and beat the number 1 offense from last season. The Patriots, for the millionth time, proved everyone wrong.

Sunday’s game wasn’t the prettiest win. The team definitely has some things they need to work on. Ball security has to get better, the offensive line has to block better (rushing game wasn’t what it could be), and pass coverage needs to get better as well.

Overall, Jimmy G executed well. His throws were on point and he didn’t throw an INT. He has to be aware of the play clock, but overall he found his receivers and had good pocket composure. Fans should have high hopes for this team this season.

On a personal note, I really try not to be an obnoxious fan (I know I probably don’t always succeed). I don’t throw wins in peoples’ faces and when I trash talk it’s all in good fun. The gloves have come off this season though. I think all Patriots fans feel the same way.

If the Patriots win, some will say there’s some reason they didn’t earn it (see Super Bowl 49 and Sunday’s win) or they cheated (I couldn’t roll my eyes enough at that accusation). And, if the Pats lose, people wholeheartedly rejoice and talk about “that one time our team beat those cheating Patriots.” It’s tiresome and stupid.

The Pats are on their Drive for 5. If you asked Belichick, he would say they’re on to Miami and they take it one game at a time. That’s great for the team, but as for the fans, it’s about the Drive for 5 and finally being as in your face as everybody already claims we are.

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