12 Funny Things We Learned From NFL Week 2

  1. The Rams are incapable of finding the end zone, maybe they need a Garmin.
  2. Jay Cutler didn’t injure his thumb, it was his pride that was sprained.
  3. Jameis Winston might be color blind, how else do you explain why he threw 4 interceptions?
  4. The Saints are paying Drew Brees (an average) of $24.25 million to go 0-2.
  5. The Patriots are cursed at QB, Jacoby Brissett better watch his back.
  6. Andy Dalton looked very Andy Dalton-ish on Sunday.
  7. The Bills fired their offensive coordinator after Thursday’s loss to the Jets, oh ya cause it couldn’t possibly be the fact that Rex Ryan hasn’t been to the playoffs since 2010.
  8. Kurt Cousins and Jan Gruden are doing a fantastic job in Washington, well they would if their goal was to lose all the time.
  9. Andrew Luck forgot how to football.
  10. Dak Prescott is showing Cowboys fans what it’s like to have a real QB.
  11. The AFC East is this year’s NFC Least.
  12. The Browns don’t need Johnny Manziel to lose, everyone else can manage it all on their own.

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