Week 1: Football is Back! Yay?

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I have no doubt that Redskins fans’ excitement for the 2016 season was tinged with dread when they saw Opening Day, for us, would be Opening Night.

On a national stage.

Where our record is abysmal.

Against Pittsburgh, who had beaten us the last five times we faced them.

No one, in my estimation, deserves to shoulder the majority of the responsibility for last night’s total humiliation more than the coaching staff.

Do Gruden, McVey, and Barry game plan, or are they more fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants guys, a la Spurrier?

Are Gruden and Barry aware that McCloughan brought Norman to Washington to aid the long-suffering secondary?

Do either Gruden or McVey see the futility in throwing a 4-5 yard pass when you need 9 yards for a first down?

Is there a sense of alarm that the team was penalized 9 times for 55 yards, a trend that started during the pre-season (39 for 310)?


The Offense was, indeed, offensive. All thanks to the aforementioned coaches, and to our quarterback, Kirk Cousins.

I am firmly in the camp that Cousins needs to prove himself this year, because last year, our conference was awful, and our schedule was NOT the most difficult. Last night was certainly not a step toward proof. Learn how to throw the ball downfield and hit your target. In stride would be nice! You have DeSean Jackson going to waste because you want to throw a couple yards at a time to the guy who’s draped in coverage. Spread the ball around. Share the wealth. Don’t be Captain Obvious – you may find that you can, as Hank Stram said, “keep matriculating the ball down the field.”

The Defense was at the mercy of Joe Barry. I can’t put it any other way.

If the Defense is going to spend the majority of the game on the field because the Offense can’t make with the passing and the running and the scoring and the eating the time off the clock, then maybe the organization should invest in some additional endurance training for them.

It’s my humble little old opinion that Barry, Gruden, and (possibly) Norman hung Bashaud Breeland out to dry last night. YES, a younger player has to prove himself in matchups with guys like Antonio Brown; it’s how they hone their skills. However, when the Seventy Five Million Dollar Man is on the field, able to play, and isn’t rotated in and out of coverage of guys like AB, it makes no sense. None. Hopefully, we’ll hear from Norman that he told Barry, and insisted that Gruden utilize the talent they paid for.

It’s going to be a long season, Redskins fans. A long, long season.


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