Week 2: No Joy, But a Whole Lotta Oy!

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Look at the graphic. Did you do a double-take? I did.

This graphic represents a phenomenon that’s plagued the Redskins for some time. They look great on paper, but when you’re watching them play, what you see on paper isn’t reflected on the field.

Week 2 was more of the same misery from the Redskins. Questionable play calling, poor execution, penalty after penalty, and missed opportunities abounded.

I was left scratching my head at the play calling in this game. McVey and Gruden don’t seem to have a clear vision for the Offense. Their floundering is wreaking havoc, but they don’t seem to have a clue as to the damage being done. If you think the Offense is having an identity crisis…

…The Defense seems to know who they are, but can’t pull it together. They bit on the exact same play over and over and over again. They still can’t stop the run. They had a little more success getting to the quarterback last week, so there’s an improvement. Still, fans are left with questions: What is Joe Barry seeing that everyone else isn’t? Why isn’t he seeing what the rest of us can?

While there are plenty of examples of poor execution to call out, the glaring example is Kirk Cousins. He wants to prove he wasn’t a one-season wonder. Good on him. I’d like to see him do the same. He isn’t doing much to show that, and the argument that he needs time to settle in is invalid. He’s had plenty of time to settle in. Now is the time to execute. Overthrowing, underthrowing, forcing a throw into tight coverage, wasting opportunities by throwing fade route after fade route when it clearly isn’t successful – it’s the same old, same old.

The Redskins aren’t any better at avoiding penalties. It’s going to be a slow, painful season if they keep shooting themselves in the foot. If there’s another double-clutching the snap penalty, most of Redskins Nation will lose their collective minds. Wakey, wakey, Kory!

When a team loses, especially when they leave points on the field, it’s easy to say that the team lost it for themselves. However, for the second week in a row, the loss falls squarely on the shoulders of the coaching staff. Their play calling and anemic game planning came back to haunt them. Again.

I lied in the headline. There actually was a moment of joy last Sunday. Alfred Morris’ game-winning touchdown.

I’ve grumbled and groused about the organization letting him go, and while it pains me to see him in THAT uniform, playing for THAT team, it made my night seeing him score. While he is way too humble, much too classy, and much too much a gentleman to say it, I will: That was the ultimate ‘up yours’ to the Redskins.

Week 3 brings a game against yet another division rival. What fresh hell will we see? Stay tuned.


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