Redskins Week 4: It’s Better to Read the Stats

From Washington Redskins Guest Writer: Mandi

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We’ve all heard it, about everything from an idea to a football team… It looks good on paper, but…

The exact same thing can be said about the Redskins’ performance in Week 4. The stats look great, but if you saw the game…

Let’s start with the positive. Victory! Yay! There were almost as many rushing plays (26) as there were passing plays (30)! Woo Hoo! Kirk (aka Kurt) was able to capitalize on the turnovers the defense gifted the offense. Praise the Football gods! Josh Norman nabbed his first interception as a Redskin. Hallelujah!

The game started out well. The offense matriculated the ball right on down the field and into the end zone. Hank Stram would have been proud of them. Things were looking ducky, and the Redskins were leading.

Then the wheels came off the bus.

The Browns caught up by halftime, and led in the second half.

The defense seemed like they were in a fog. There were missed tackles and blown assignments all over the place. Ryan Kerrigan was injured. David Bruton, Jr. was injured. Su’a Cravens was injured.

Kurt Cousins made an appearance. Translation: Kirk Romo’d. For the 4th time this season.

Penalties are still an issue. Nine penalties were assessed, translating to 75 yards lost. Seventy five. One of those penalties was THE most ridiculous in NFL history. Yes. It was even more ridiculous than the “Offsides. Offense. The entire Offensive Line” penalty called against the Ravens when they played the Redskins in 2011.

Good ol’ Jeff Triplett. He called an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against Josh Norman for “shooting a bow and arrow.” Shooting a bow and arrow. What the…?

The only thing that saved the Redskins’ collective arse was the fact that Cleveland blundered through the latter part of the game. Oh, and the refs somehow didn’t see a recovered fumble in the hands of a Cleveland player.

A win is great, but when it looks like this one did, I can’t celebrate wholeheartedly. Next up, Baltimore. Or, as those of us in the DMV would say, Bal’more, hon.


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