16 Funny Things We Learned in NFL Week 4

  1. The Bills should be really proud of themselves, they beat an injured 3rd string QB.
  2. The Redskins still won even though Kirk played like Kurt on Sunday.
  3. The Dolphins ugly uniforms robbed them of their ability to adequately play football.
  4. The Patriots misplaced the end zone as well as the uprights, they couldn’t score a single point in 4 quarters.
  5. The Panthers defense needs a refresher class on what their job is. Hint: It’s not to allow 48 points.
  6. The Chiefs defense needs to take the same class.
  7. If the Chip Kelly era is all about losing games, then it’s alive and well in San Francisco.
  8. The Vikings are 4-0 so naturally the media has them winning the Super Bowl.
  9. The Bears won a game with Hoyer at QB so naturally he’s hall of fame material.
  10. Jack Del Rio is a gambling man.
  11. The Jets suck (no other words needed).
  12. Browns too.
  13. And Colts.
  14. Let’s throw the Cardinals in there too (especially after the hype pre-season).
  15. Dandy Alton took the week off so the Bengals could win on Thursday Night.
  16. Odell Beckham Jr. was quieter in this week’s loss, I guess losing a fight to an inanimate object will do that to you.

Questions? Comments? Tweet me @PatsFanGirl12, I welcome all conversations in a 140 characters or less.

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