12 Funny Things We Learned From NFL Week 7

  1. The Seahawks and Cardinals are confused as to the point of a football game.
  2. The Vikings aren’t invincible.
  3. The Bears are going through QBs faster than toilet paper at a Taco Bell bathroom.
  4. Brock Osweiller is officially the most overpaid QB in the league.
  5. That Chip Kelly era in San Fran is working miracles.
  6. Every win makes Odell Beckham more annoying.
  7. Ryan Fitzpatrick must have made a voodoo doll of Geno Smith, how else do you explain Smith’s injury right as he takes over Fitz’s job?
  8. Looks like the Browns have the first round pick of the 2017 draft all sewn up, should we just give them the 2018 one too?
  9. The Packers aren’t playing like a 4-2 team.
  10. The Colts offense finally showed some life on Sunday.
  11. The Panthers’ bye saved us all from watching them attempt to recreate last season and listening to the announcers air their love affair with Cam Newton.
  12. According to the NFL – being suspected of deflating footballs (but never proven) or a positive drug test is a worse offense than domestic violence. That NFL is always setting the bar so high.

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