17 Funny Things We Learned From NFL Week 8

  1. Watching the Raiders Buccaneers game was like watching a sequel to The Longest Yard, except both were the prisoner team.
  2. There have been way too many ties this season and the overtime rules need to change ASAP.
  3. Cam Newton should have a tissue dispenser in his uniform with all the whining he likes to do.
  4. The Bills talk like an 8-0 team but play like a 4-4 team.
  5. With all of the preseason hype you’d think the Cardinals would be undefeated, instead they’re 3-4-1.
  6. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers have been less than impressive thus far, but I bet all the announcers will have him winning the MVP.
  7. The Jayter (Jay Cutler + Hater = Jayter) camp has been pretty silent since Monday Night. I guess that’s what happens when your QB leads your team to a win over the 5-1 Vikings.
  8. The Cowboys would be stupid to bench Dak Prescott when Mr. Glass aka Tony Romo comes back. They’re 6-1 and have a lock on their division.
  9. Once again, Philip Rivers is showing us all that stats mean jack when you can’t win a game.
  10. Even when the Texans win, Osweiler looks terrible.
  11. Cleveland sports fans have it hard.
  12. So do Bills fans.
  13. And Jets fans.
  14. Andrew Luck is a pod person and somewhere in the universe the real Andrew Luck is being held captive by an evil alien overlord.
  15. Redskins fans would like to punch “Kurt” Cousins in the face.
  16. Bengals fans would like to punch “Dandy Alton” in the face.
  17. Word is Bill Belichick traded his wife to the Browns because she asked for more spending money. (stole that from a meme)

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