Oregon Releases Mark Helfrich

After a suspenseful few days in Oregon Football, Oregon Athletic Director, Rob Mullens announced this evening that the program was ending its 4-year tenure with Head Coach, Mark Helfrich.

“We want to thank Mark for his eight years with the University of Oregon and appreciate his efforts on behalf of Oregon football,” Mullens said. “We wish Mark and his family the best.”

Mark Helfrich coached the Ducks to a 37-16 record after taking over from Chip Kelly in 2013. After reaching the College Football Playoff championship game after the 2014 regular season, the Ducks fell to 9-4 in 2015 and then 4-8 this season, which ended Saturday in Oregon’s first loss to Oregon State in nearly a decade.

“It is a great honor to have served as the head football coach at the University of Oregon,” Helfrich said. “It is with respect and disappointment that we receive this decision. Plain and simple — we didn’t win enough games this season.

“Thank you first to my wife, Megan, and our family, the fans, the campus community, the board, our donors and administration. To our coaches, staff and their families, it is impossible to communicate my gratitude for the environment we got to work in every single day. Finally, to the players — thank you, and I love you. The future is bright for this young, talented team, and we will be supporting them and their new leadership.”

The decision regarding Helfrich’s future at Oregon has been a hot and very divided topic among fans and media over the past few weeks. With this evenings announcement, there are sure to be many emotions and of course, plenty of speculation about the future of the program.

Mullens is expected to address media later this evening to address the future of the program.

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