16 Funny Things We Learned in the NFL Week 1

Pro Talk

1. The reigning Super Bowl Champions looked more like the reigning Dancing With the Stars Champions.
2. The world was righted this week after the Browns lost like we all knew they could.
3. It’s a good thing the Redskins decided to franchise tag “Kurt” Cousins. Now he can make over $20 mill this season and do things like lose 2 fumbles and throw an interception.
4. All that preseason Cardinals hype was sure accurate, well if this were Opposite Day it would be.
5. The Texans still suck.
6. So do the Jets.
7. 49ers too.
8. “Dandy Alton” was in rare form Sunday. He threw 4 interceptions and no TD passes, the Bengals also scored ZERO points. It could be a long season for Bengals nation.
9. Goodell is once again showing the world how inconsistent and ridiculous his “punishment” system is. When will the owners wake up and kick him out?!
10. The Saints have moved from BountyGate and right into SuckGate.
11. Who knew the Rams could score 46 points?!
12. The Colts’ defense belong on a poster on the side of a milk carton.
13. Legion of Boom? More like a dumpster fire.
14. So Cutler wasn’t the issue as the Bears are STILL LOSING!
15. Good thing the Raiders won, you wouldn’t want all that preseason hype to be for nothing.
16. I wonder what kind of ankle sprain prevents you from playing football but allows you to dance battle? Let’s ask OBJ #themoreyouknow

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