13 Funny Things We Learned in the NFL Week 13

Pro Talk

1. Hugely sucking at a job anywhere else gets you fired. Except the NFL. In the NFL you get a 5 year extension and millions and millions of dollars.
2. The Falcons season is mimicking last years Super Bowl.
3. You know the Broncos are bad when they get beat by the Miami Dolphins.
4. You know the Chiefs are bad when they get beat by the Jets.
5. At least the Browns are consistent in their losing, this season will be their 10th losing season in a row.
6. The Seahawks showed the NFL that Philly can be beat.
7. While the Giants showed the NFL that they can’t win.
8. Kurt Cousins played Thursday Night against the Cowboys, he had as many interceptions as he did TD passes
9. Jacoby Brissett has been sacked an astounding 47 times so far this season! Do they have an offensive line or are there little fairies trying to protect Brissett from 300 pound lineman?
10. The AFC West is so bad that 3 teams are in a tie for 1st place…at 6-6.
11. The Bucs proved they’re just as capable of losing with Winston as they do without him.
12. Bills QB Tyrod Taylor had just 65 passing yards, 9 completions with 18 attempts in Sundays game. What was he doing the whole game?!
13. Dandy Alton made an appearance Monday night against the Steelers, which explains why the Bengals lost.

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