Get in the Know with These 3 Super Bowl 52 Storylines

Ah! The Super Bowl. The last game of the NFL season. A game that will prove who the best out of 32 teams is. . .for another year that is. With that being said, let’s take a look at some storylines surrounding this year’s Super Bowl.

Two Very Different QB’s

Tom Brady has continued to make and remake history. He will attempt to win his 6th Super Bowl and despite having that inspirational, iconic story of “nobody” to “5 time Super Bowl Champion,” Tom Brady remains one of the most detested football players of all time. All eyes will be on Brady Super Bowl Sunday and you can bet most of those eyes will be rooting for him to lose.

Going up against Brady is Nick Foles, a 29-year-old who not only started the season as a second stringer, but didn’t even start until week 15. He has had a strong showing though since taking over after starter, Carson Wentz, tore his ACL.

Nick Foles is young, but he’s hungry to prove himself and that is dangerous. This game isn’t just about a record breaking future Hall of Famer and a young second stringer turned successful hero. That narrative is just part of the story that will play out this Sunday.

Both quarterbacks are apart of a team and neither can win the game by himself. It’s going to take every single guy on the team to do his part. . .and maybe a little more.

Will NFL fans be too frustrated to tune in?

The New England Patriots are the NFL team that everybody loves to hate. The Eagles have a fan base that once threw snow balls at Santa!  This Super Bowl, more than most in the past, has NFL fans upset. Many are bored that the same team is always “in it.” Some are upset about the Anthem protests earlier this year and don’t feel like watching “entitled, rich jerks” play a game. A New York paper stated this Super Bowl is a worst nightmare type of situation for New York sports fans being that their two greatest rivals are playing for the World Championship. It will be interesting to see viewership numbers on Monday and find out if people really didn’t care as much as they claimed.

Perhaps a little Justin Timberlake Half Time Show will help?

Defense, Defense, Defense

The Patriots’ defense has struggled throughout the season, to say the least. The Eagles defense, however, has been consistent throughout the season. It’ll be interesting to see how the Eagles handle Tom Brady and his receivers since most teams typically struggle with the hurry up offense and Brady’s ability to exploit the match ups. The edge on defense definitely goes to the Eagles on this one, but watch for the Patriots defense’s ability to dig deep and show up when they need to make the big plays.

Whatever the storylines surrounding the Big Game, you can bet its going to be exciting and history will probably be made one way or another!

Who do you think wins this one?

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