Takeaways from this year’s UO Women’s Football Clinic

Oregon Football held its annual Women’s Football Clinic today at Autzen Stadium and per usual, it did not disappoint.

Women filled the team’s theater room to listen to energetic Oregon coaches explain different offensive and defensive positions, practice techniques and several fun insights into what players and coaches think about when they take the field. Information was extensive and even this football junkie learned quite a few things!

What stood out? 

Energy, Energy, Energy

The presentation began with Strength and Conditioning Coach, Aaron Feld, getting the group pumped up with his loud (and fun) energy. Every coach that followed was full of energy and most talked about bringing “the juice,” a motto that essentially means brining excitement and energy to the practice field and of course, game day. There’s no doubt, these coaches are focused and excited!

Focus on Fundamentals

After spending time this Spring watching Cristobal and Co. run practice, it was evident they were focused on detail and technique. What stood out today was just how high this group of coaches’ football IQ’s is. They have a great way of really breaking down the fundamentals, something the Ducks seem to be soaking up.

Quest for a Natty

Another thing that really stood out was just how happy the coaches (and their wives) are to be at Oregon. Even those that have come from big programs, like Alabama, seem to feel right at home and perhaps more importantly, seem motivated to bring a National Championship title back to Eugene.

After spending some time hearing the Women of Oregon (Coaches wives and female staff members) answer questions from the attendees, the ladies took to the field to run drills with coaches and players leading the way.

With the Sun FINALLY shining in Eugene, the stage was perfectly set for a fun-packed afternoon.

After all, what could be more fun than getting up close and personal with Oregon Football on a beautiful Spring afternoon.

Were you there? Tell us all about your impressions of this year’s clinic!

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