4 Things to Know About OREGON Game Day Style

Autzen Stadium opens its doors for Oregon’s first kick off of the 2018 season in LESS THAN ONE WEEK! Can you even believe it??

As excited as we all are to watch our favorite team take the field, there are a few things to think about before game day. I’m talking game day style! After all, who doesn’t want to show their game day spirit, while looking cute at the same time? Luckily, for Oregon fans, color and style opportunities are ENDLESS! Join me this season as I do my best to help you make sense of it all. I promise I’ll have you looking your amazing in all that green, yellow, black, white, grey and silver!

Let’s kick this thing off. . .

It took me a few seasons, but I finally oblige by these game day rules:

1. Wear comfortable shoes or have a horrible time.

Your choice. Nothing is worse than sore feet. (Someone tell me how ladies in the south wear high heels to games. I wouldn’t survive past first quarter. Power to y’all!) After walking to Autzen, tailgating for some time, then spending hours jumping up and down for your Oregon Ducks, your feet WILL hurt if you are wearing the wrong shoes.

“Beauty is pain” doesn’t apply to fashion. It’s 2018 and there are some awesomely comfortable and cute shoes out there.

Style meets comfort with these shoes from Dr. Scholls.






2. Prepare for ALL weather.

I know we like to say “it never rains in Autzen stadium,” but it’s Oregon, and a nice breezy day in October could quickly turn into downpour. If there’s a small chance of rain, or even if the forecast says it’s not suppose to rain until Sunday, bring a jacket (rain jacket) just in case. My very first Oregon football game was back in 2013 against Cal. It basically monsooned. I wore rainboots and one of those light windbreaker/rain resistant jackets thinking I was good to go. NOPE. I was not prepared to stand in the pouring rain for four hours feeling the water dripping down my legs (through my jeans!) into my rainboots. Yes, into my rainboots which collected the water. I had to take off the boots twice to pour out the rain water that was literally pooling at my feet. PTSD? Yes.







On the other side of the spectrum, if it’s going to be hot – wear AND bring sunscreen. We’re Ducks, not Lobsters!

3. Don’t stress the color theme.

I use to spend so much time looking for a good outfit that matched the color of whatever that game’s theme was, and I regret it because that was valuable tailgating time. Am I right? Just wear yellows, greens, blacks and whites! It’s fine. (My personal favorite thing-to-do is wear neutral colors (Jeans and a black or white shirt) and then throw in fun yellow or green accessories. Think yellow bandana and green eyeliner for “eye black” on your cheeks.

Last but certainly not least. . .

4. No outfit is too crazy for Autzen stadium.

The best outfits are the ones that are so ridiculously decked out with Oregon gear and colors that they make it on the jumbotron. THAT is dedication and THAT is a fun time, I’ll tell ya.

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  1. I’m super pumped for FOOTBALL 🏈. I prefer to wear my old Rosebowl shirt and jeans and call it good. GO DUCKS 🦆

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